All aboard: Fly to my dreams.

Welcome to Abithere Airlines! This is your captain Abegail Naungayan speaking. It has been years since we departed from the Starting Line Airport. We encountered some turbulence along the way due to unforeseen circumstances. The flight managed to stay on track and landed safely on two learning islands, the I Know and I am Islands. Packed with new knowledge and equipped with calibered experience, we shall continue to fly. We need to take off once more in the hopes of reaching our final destination. We shall endure this long journey until we see the rainbow after the rain.

My roadmap is a map in the sky. Attaining knowledge and gaining experience are as hard as reaching for the clouds. But if I reach those clouds, the happiness that awaits is divine. However, the clouds are not the end but just a stop along the journey. Aboard on a paper plane fueled by my passion and dedication, I will continue to explore until I reach my goals and dreams.



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