ASDAL: Planning the perfect Japan Tour.

The Japan Tour is the Dream Vacation with the Dream Team. We utilized ASDAL planning elements and Planning Methods to prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  1. Even though Taj and I chose two different places to visit we both plan to have a wonderful experience. We both utilized similar planning elements and methods. There are plenty of similarities in how we both crafted our plans using the Planning methods.
  2. Our plans target do have plenty of similarities but there are details that make our plan and journey unique from each other. Some of the methods I utilized were not included by Taj and on the other hand, she used some methods I did not include. Our methods in Analysis, Strategy, and Decision varied slightly with each other.
  3. Yes, We both tried to incorporate as much information that we learned while putting our goals, objectives, and family wants and needs in the heart of the planning experience.
ASDAL: Pair-Share with Taj Rosales



Crafting and capturing memories without breaking the bank.

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