How to become a Vlogger, Filmmaker, or Content Creator? For starters, you need a lot of equipment. You will need a camera or cameras, drones, lenses, lighting equipment, Gimbals or Steadicam, Editing apps, and tools. To acquire these pieces of equipment, you will need a lot of money. Let’s say you have the funds to purchase all of these pieces of equipment; next, you will need the skill to be able to utilize tools properly. High-end cameras are complicated to manipulate. Pro-editing applications are so advance and complex you’ll need an expert to teach you how to navigate these apps. Lastly, Vlogs, Films, and Social media contents are art forms, and the heart of every art is creativity. Even if you have all those high-tech and expensive filming equipment and even if you have the skills to use it, you’ll need creativity to make art out of it.

When I was in senior high school, I realized that I want to be a Vlogger, Filmmaker, and Content Creator. However, I did not have the funds to purchase the equipment, I had no idea how to make vlogs or edit videos, and I lacked creativity. But I did not give up. I grabbed my phone and used it to film. I could not afford pro-editing apps, and I did not have the skill and knowledge to use them. So, I used free video editing apps for beginners. I watched tutorial videos and a lot of vlogs and film guidance and ideas. I was not so creative; my shots were boring, the lighting was awful, and the editing was poor. But I was happy because that not-so-good output is the reason why I am pursuing this career.

I still do not have those fancy cameras, gimbals, or expensive drones. But, I learned to appreciate and maximize the equipment that I have. To equip me with skills and knowledge about editing and camera works, I am taking the Bachelor of Arts in Communication course. I also watch other content creators, filmmakers, and vloggers so I can learn from them and apply their techniques and tips in my craft too. As for creativity, the story is the key. I believe that Vlogs, Videos, and Films should tell a story. As a storyteller, we should be creative in crafting and conveying a story.

To all my fellow dreamers out there, the journey is long, tedious, and rough. But if this is your dream, go for it. Don’t let the lack of funds or equipment limit you. Even if your skills and knowledge are lacking, do not let it hold you back. Creativity comes within. Own it! We do not become content creators, vloggers, or filmmakers by doubting; we become by believing.



Crafting and capturing memories without breaking the bank.

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