Journalism Skills (Blog Entry №1).

When I was younger, television fascinated me more than anything. It showed me castles, towers, skyscrapers, places, and faces. It was like a portal to a different dimension, a world beyond my reality. Growing up in a small city where everyone knows everyone and everyone knows everyone’s story, the television showed me a glimpse of the vastness of the universe. I grew up dreaming of exploring, discovering, and witnessing what this world has to offer.
Then when I was in senior high school, I became a Student TV Broadcaster. I enjoyed delivering hard news to my fellow students, the school community, and our viewers worldwide. I looked up to Chiara Zambrano, Jeff Canoy, Pia Honteveros, Pinky Webb, and Jessica Soho as my role models. They were why and how I managed to survive and strive to excel in such a challenging field. But it was Kara David and her documentaries that opened a new door for me.
While watching her documentaries, I realized that there is a way to blend my dreams and passion. I understood that if only I could also make documentaries, I would witness the world and be an explorer and storyteller at the same time.
I love her confidence while staying humble. Her professionalism and kindness when interacting with her subjects are adorable. But what inspires me the most is her storytelling style. Her documentaries are so catchy, adventurous, and informational. She inspires me so much that now I am preparing myself, equipping myself with the knowledge to be like her. I hope I become as creative and bold as her to deliver stories to enlighten the world and pass the inspiration to another dreamer.




Crafting and capturing memories without breaking the bank.

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Abegail Naungayan

Abegail Naungayan

Crafting and capturing memories without breaking the bank.

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