State of My J-skills


Am I good? Am I good enough?

I used to be a Student Radio broadcaster back in junior high school and a TV broadcaster in Senior high school. I was trained under the roughest of circumstances. In broadcasting, time is gold. I learned how to squeeze my reports in 30-second time limits. I was forced to follow strict shooting schedules; years of training taught me how to be time-conscious and manage and calculate time properly. My previous publications did not have much equipment and fund for our studio and equipment. These forced us to be creative and resourceful in funding and coming up with make-shift equipment. A broadcasting team consists only of Six to Seven members. Being in a broadcasting team trained me to be versatile and to multi-task effectively. Being versatile means, I am capable of taking the place of anyone in the group when necessary. When I say multi-tasking, it is being the stage director, lights and sound director, and make-up artist all a the same time.

When it comes to my reporting and interviewing skills, I consider myself good but not good enough. Good in the sense that I was able to bag plenty of medals and became a reporter in my previous schools for years. However, I believe that I am not yet qualified to be seen and be heard in actual radio and tv broadcasts. I am sure that I still lack in terms of scriptwriting techniques and style. I am also having trouble finding the right voice for my reports. I am also not that confident when it comes to interviews. What makes me nervous and sad is that I do a lot of retakes when I shoot my reports.

I believe that on the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest, my skills fall under 6. I have gone through tough training that these practices have become part of me; however, I know that there is still a lot of room for new knowledge and improvement. I am also looking forward to our Radio/Tv exposure to unlearn the things that I have been doing wrong all along. It excites me to know that I am one step closer to making my dream come true and to equipping myself with the experience and knowledge not only to be good but to be good enough.



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