Sketch of The Ideal Wallet


Taj is a very simple young lady, she admits to ditching her wallet sometimes but when she does bring it, she makes sure that it contains her essential items. Her Wallet contains IDs, Credit and Debit Cards, Coins, Cash, Prayer Card, and a Picture of themCanteen. Her go-to wallet is black leather with gold hardware.


Born and raised in a business-minded family and environment, Taj shared that her Ideal wallet must reflect her personality and upbringing. She desires to keep a photo of God or a prayer card to guide her in her daily life, especially in her financial journey. One core item in her wallet is the picture of their canteen, according to her, the picture keeps her grounded in her roots and motivated to continue the family legacy.


Taj is an aspiring entrepreneur and businesswoman, this is why she keeps business cards and several credit and debit cards in her wallet. She also shared that she loves to travel and wishes to have a perfect wallet for both professional and casual use. She also wants her wallet to be big enough to accommodate her essential travel and business necessities. She also added that she wants the material to be sleek and neat looking to match her lifestyle and personality.


Her story and life mostly circle around her family, friends, studies, and her dream to become a businesswoman someday. Even though she is still a student, she is very vocal with her interest in Cryptocurrencies. She also stated that she often uses her phone for online banking transactions instead and it is a hassle to have different things for the same financial purposes. For this reason, I believe that she misses the idea of having a QR code in her Wallet which she can use for her transaction without using her phone or any other gadget.


Taj needs a tangible expression of who she is and what or who she desires to become because she dreams to be in the business world someday which entails dealing with a lot of money. Her wallet must remind her of her dreams and her roots at the same time so she can continue to stay on the tracks of her dreams.


PROBLEM STATEMENT: Taj is a simple girl who loves bi and dreams big. She often ditches her wallet on casual occasions and struggles to fit her business and professional needs in one place.

The following wallet designs aim to be her all-in-one buddy. Be it in her casual affairs, business agendas, student life, or personal vacations, the Ideal Wallet is her perfect financial buddy.


Upon seeing the Wallet sketches,Taj shared that she likes the color combination of GOld and black and asks to add a little gem detail to it.She stated that she likes the bigger ones and looks forward to using the more casual yet elegant styles. She added that she is not a fan of wallets without zipper, she believes her money and other belongings must be secured.


For the Solution,I added a QR code feature for the wallet so she can use her wallet even in digital and online transactions. I adopted the size of Sketch 1 and 2 and added a Zipper feature to make it more secure and casual.


Taj wishes to use her wallet for both casual day-to-day life and for professional and business purposes. For the protype, A zipper sealed pocket is added to store her coins and othe smaller belongings. A costumizable strap is also attach as a handle for her to carry the wallet fashonably and effortlessly.


  • The color combination and material of the Wallet.
  • The size of the wallet is big enough but not bulky.
  • Pockets are maximized.


  • It would be perfect to turn the wallet into a waterproof one so Taj can use it in all occasions without worries.


  • Taj asked if there is anyway she can add a pocket for a mini pen and notes she needs to carry around.


  • Some features can be hidden to make way for other items Taj want to insert.


Letting the Subject/Client tell introduce herself and share her story in an unfiltered way away from judgement and criticism made me know her personality, motivations, dreams and even hidden desires.through her story, i was able to tailir the wallet to cater her needs and wants. Testing the sketches and having her share her thoughts about the designs made me understand her in details. She was also able to clarify vague points like her desire in color and sizes. I was ablet to correct and reenfore my preliminary understanding of the her and her wallet.

The most challenging part of the whole activity is converting her ideas into a visible work.It took patience, labor and understanding to be able to organize and assemble a detailed yet so vague idea. It was like crafting an extention of her and thus I needed to understand her deeply and anchor the wallet to her as the owner and user. This tedious process thought me the importance of having a solid foundation in crafting something. And that we should go the extra mile to extract the motivation,story and inspiration to be the building blocks of our project.



Crafting and capturing memories without breaking the bank.

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