In another life, I wish I would be a prolific Formula 1 Racer. Be the one to unleash The Prancing Horse and lead Scuderia Ferrari to the top of every Grand Prix. I will see that checkered flag with my speed and pace. But in this life, I have a different race. A race against time and myself.

I am a two-decade-old third-year communication student. Twenty years might seem so young, but it almost feels I am running out of time to grasp and explore the vast world of Communication. This is why I embrace opportunities even as I am stuck in the four corners of my room and glued in front of my computer for two years now. I seek information that can help me broaden my knowledge and interest in Filming, Photography, Journalism, Acting, Advertising, and Marketing because Communication is a field where you must try anything and everything to thrive.

In Formula 1, a million-dollar engine, slick tires, rear wing, and DRS would do nothing without a competent and talented driver. Likewise, in Communication, a camera, light, mic, pen, and paper are nothing without a talented and creative communicator.

In my next life, I would strive to maneuver a stirring wheel and drift and box the lap. But for now, I am striving to angle cameras, pan gimbals, write newspapers and novels. I am learning and training how to direct and act. In Formula 1, they say you must Drive to Survive. I will drive in my next life, but for now, as a communicator, I must thrive to survive.

In this life, this is who I am.



Crafting and capturing memories without breaking the bank.

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